Someone who is always hurt in a sport; or always gets reinjuried after getting healthy.
1) "Bak get back on the ice you fucking bandaid."
2) "Your hurt again? You are a fucking bandaid."
by B Roz December 08, 2004
A groupie that gives an STD to an entire band.
Members of The Ramones didn't die of cancer,they died of Band-Aids.
by ~Rainbowmask~ May 01, 2010
1) If you talk to the members of the band, they will mostlikely say "Oh, a band aid? haha try groupie!"

2)If you talk to the Band Aid herself, she will most definitely say, "NO! We're here for the music!" (losley derived from the movie Almost Famous <3)
Tyler: "Are you bringing your Band Aid friends to jam today?"

Lucy: "Yeah, but only for YOU Tyler!"
by scarlet ashbury November 18, 2006
some one who helps out in the band room when the director does not have a class usually doing sexual acts for him
she is a band aid you know what she does under the desk.
by jlo January 14, 2005
A hardcore follower of a band, commonly referred to as a groupie.
Band Member: Get these fucking Band-Aids away from me. If I wanted a crackwhore bitch, I'd go visit the sorostitutes at UW-Whitewater.
by Noah Steiner April 18, 2004
a follwer of a band, not to be mistaken for a groupie. a band-aid has no morals and in many cases serves the sole purpose of oral pleasure
folowing the band just so you can say you did them
by slmlax11 April 20, 2004
You mean Bitch Sticker?
Man 1: I scraped my leg. I think I need a band aid.
Man 2: Band Aid? you mean bitch sticker?
by LeglizeDeKoosh April 01, 2015

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