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Someone, usually a girl, used to make "boo-boo's" better, then thrown away and forgotten abt til something else comes along and they're needed again. And usually never get anything in return, or helped when needed.
<Friend 1> Your friend just broke up w/ me, can you talk to her for me?

<Friend 2> Yeah sure.
2 days later
<Friend 1> Hey, can I borrow some money?

<Friend 2> I'm sorry, I don't have anything on me...

<Friend 1> Whatever! Did you talk to your friend?

<Friend 3> She's such a band aid
by EB 2008 January 16, 2007
When one is so obsessed with a band that it almost gives them an actual disease.

Like Bieber Fever, but with other bands.
Dude, they've infected you with band aids.
by neonrice August 11, 2011
a disease that band members get when they have sex with hoes A.K.A Baylee Boon
Bob got bandaids from Baylee Nicole Boon
A pad
Girl 1: Wana go to the mall with me to get some bandaids?
Girl 2: Yeah sure I need some too!
by okie dokies. July 11, 2009
the thing nelly made notorious when he wore it around everywhere
Nelly got so cocky he took the band- aid off
by ey ey 1 March 05, 2005
group of musicians from the UK who recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas?" in the mid 80s.

If you have no idea what song this is, trust me on this one; you will hear it over and over and over and over and over....
I was walking through Walmart and I heard that fucking Band Aid song for the 26th time today....and Christmas is a month away. For fucks sake, I hope that song will go away soon.
by Ricky Roma November 27, 2003
A condom. Goes along with the slang "cut," meaning "fuck."
Can I cut ya? I got a box of bandaids in my Escalade, I ain't playin'.
by DaveLong February 08, 2005