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A very short skirt on a girl. It is so short that it looks like she only has a small patch of cloth wrapped around her hips, hence band aid. So short, that anything besides standing will reveal too much.
"Damn that girl Ashley is wearing a nice band aid today."
by whateveryaknow April 07, 2007
When you catch a fatal STD from a musician.
"Tommy Lee gave me bandAIDs for my birthday."
by TheTorr September 26, 2011
A groupie who contracts HIV/AIDS from sleeping with a rock star.
Jen: What happened to you last night amber?
Amber: Oh my god! all i remember is getting on a bus with the fat drummer, bubba. I think i have band-AIDS now.
Jen: Shit! that sucks
by Honey Danforth October 01, 2006
An extra paper (usually a half) used to roll a joint that needs a little extra paper due to it being too loosely packed, ripped, or has exposed weed.
Dude 1: Dude you rolled that joint horribly
Dude 2: Yeah dude, I'll put a band-aid on it.
by T3h leet sauce. April 23, 2006
noun - using a female for the night, after breaking up with your girl, and then throwing her away
I need a band aid to help this little wound I have.
by tomcat3825 April 02, 2011
Noun. A cosmetic accessory usually worn on a visible limb. It is often confused for medical paraphernalia though it has no medicinal value: anything that can be fixed with a Band Aid wasn't broken to begin with.
"Ow! I really hurt myself!"

"Here's a Band Aid."

"Thanks, now I'm better."
by SkippyD1 February 09, 2008
BANDAID is an acronym for Bitch Ass Niggas Deserve An Immediate Death. It was created by a man known as SK who is the leader of a gang called SNL, or the Street Niggas for Life.

BANDAID and BANDED are two mantras, two of few pieces of information that is publicly known about the SNL gang.
Guy 1: "Yo, that fool just stole all your money, man!"

Guy 2: "Don't worry. BANDAID, my nigga, BANDAID."
by bandit2222222 July 09, 2009