A hardcore follower of a band, commonly referred to as a groupie.
Band Member: Get these fucking Band-Aids away from me. If I wanted a crackwhore bitch, I'd go visit the sorostitutes at UW-Whitewater.
by Noah Steiner April 18, 2004
Top Definition
someone who goes to rock concerts because of the music, because she inspires the musicians and believes the band to be very talented. not to be confused with a "groupie," who sleeps with rock stars because she wants to be near someone famous
penny lane is a bandaid who follows the tours of bands such as stillwater to inspire them and make their music even greater than it already is
by Band-aid Penny Lane August 28, 2005
A very short skirt on a girl. It is so short that it looks like she only has a small patch of cloth wrapped around her hips, hence band aid. So short, that anything besides standing will reveal too much.
"Damn that girl Ashley is wearing a sweet ass band aid."
by ShakeNBake1 April 12, 2007
1. a girl, who, like a groupie, hangs out with a certain group of rock stars. however, unlike a groupie she's "there for the music" and is a true inspiration to rock and roll. she also supposedly refuses to sleep with rock stars and claims that groupies only do so to be near someone famous. penny lane from the movie almost famous is the quintessential bandaid.
2. in metaphorical terms, a girl who hangs out with a certain fraternity. unlike fraternity groupies, whom the brothers tend to loathe, she does not sleep with the brothers, aka, the rock stars. she has been known to, on occasion, give a boy a blow job. she is an inspiration to the brothers, and when she is not around, her presence is missed, for she is quite a precious asset to the boys.
girl 1: my name is polexia aphrodesia, but you can call me polly. so, penny, how's it going?
girl 2: well, i've got my eye on that hot drummer over there. what about you?
girl 1: there's a fratastic guitarist up on the stage that i'd just love to go home with tonight. but i'll behave...as always...
by callmemadame February 12, 2005
Something only mom's have readily available.
<injured person>Has anyone got a band aid?

<his buddy>... a what?
by Teh Deputy November 25, 2003
when you cant fix something right away, but you hafta settle it down or at least put it off for a while
"Shit! well, ig its okay for now, i jus put a band-aid on the situation.." -taylor
by C-Hud March 15, 2006
A girl that travels with and has sex with the band group members.

A Band Aid is an attractive/very sexy Band Groupie that has been invited to travel with a band group in their buss or plane in place of furnishing her own transportation to follow the band from city to city and is furnished food and clothing in exchange for sex with the band members and roadies.

Reference to Band Aid is mentioned in the movie "Almost Famous".
Debbi was picked from a bunch of Groupies to be a Band Aid because she fucks like a mink.
by Ducky April 30, 2004
A trademark used for an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, employed to protect minor wounds.
1. "True welfare reform is being bypassed for Band-Aid solutions" (Los Angeles Times). "These measures are mere Band-Aids" (U.S. News & World Report).

2. You gave me a band-aid, I put it on my heartbreak
by olechka November 26, 2009
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