v.// A person who will tell everyone on the planet that a band is overrated, untalented, composed of hacks, and other such negative comments. Whether or not the person has actually heard the band does not matter, for the band hater finds pride in putting down musical talent, no matter how good or bad.
You know, I've never really heard Teddy listen to music, but I was listening to Korn yesterday and I found out that Ted's a real band-hater
Top Definition
People who wish they were in the band!
Football Players and Cheerleaders are band haters!
by gurlzparty July 16, 2006
people on urbandictionary.com who make worthless definitions, dissing bands they don't know shit about.

see: low life/poser/loser

loser:"i don't know anything about this band, but since i have no life i'm gonna sit on my fat-lazy-ass and make fun of them, 'cause it makes me fill better about myself!!!!!11"
by emaN rouY May 22, 2005
Any idiotic twit that make mean spirited comments i.e. "band geeks" and has no true knowlege at all of the true aspects of a hard working marching band.
Don't listen to those jerks. They're only a bunch of brainless band haters!
by bigg3469 April 03, 2009

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