a generally horrible two-week experience endured by high-school marching band students. Makes me wonder why anyone does it
Thank God I quit band...track and xc are so much better
by cmills March 28, 2005
a place were hopeless people who have to much time to play tubas and not enough time for social interaction...i went to band camp..
this one time at band camp...i stuck a flute up my pussy...and it was really fun.
by slim...pogos friend September 27, 2003
1.) The week of torture that makes band kids cry and still enjoy themselves
2.) Where band geeks go to socialize, practice their instruments, practice their drill charts, have severe dehydration, and somewhat improve their marching
I can't wait to go to band camp and go hours without a drink break and dehydrate!!
by everybandkidever August 07, 2015

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