1. Banned, in IRC slang
2. Erection in french Canadian Slang
*Kor was kicked out by Vorpy (BAND!)
*Vorpy was kicked out by Booken (*Dooiiing*)
*Booken was kicked out by Kor (Eww)
by Booken July 17, 2003
see MMN
oh snap i almost got mmn'd
by catspleen January 16, 2003
1. Probably 90% of the time three guitars and one drummer. You know a band is mediocere when there only expirience with a guitar is when they "Got 97% on Throught The Fire and Flames!111"

2. Highly disrespected musical group usually found in High Schools. The members in these groups range from being normal people, Obese tuba players, People who got stuck in it, and last the "BAND IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!1" people. These are the people who highly disrespect anyone who doesent play the Clarinet, Tuba, Saxophone, Trumbone, Trumpet, and all those other instruments that recieve blowjobs. I respect Band but dont respect the "BAND IS FUCKING AWESOME" people. They are the people who have to post definitions on urbandictionary.com to convince themselves that band is cool.
Middle school and High School Band
#tuba #fatass #dumbass #disrespect #flute
by Cellist23 January 23, 2010
1. A group of performers (not including boy bands) that plays music together, and play different instruments, usually guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.
2. What I wish I hadn't joined.
1. Dude, Slayer is an amazing band.
2. Arrgh! Band is ruining my life!
by Detranova July 30, 2003
The Band is not to be confused is A Band.

1) The Band is the one at school (the lamer of the two uses)
2)A Band is the kind that you and your friends would play in
1) Yes, i play the trumpit in the school band.

2) Guns n' Roses is a good band.
by smarter November 07, 2003
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