an awsome fun activitie that i participate in during 2nd hour
i play trombone in band, i also play bass
by someone February 23, 2005
A currency strap, also known as currency band or bill strap is a simple paper device designed to hold a specific denomination and number of banknotes. It can also refer to the bundle itself.

Come in a variety of colors. Ex. Yellow for $1000 all tens, purple for $2000 all 20's, brown for $5000 all 50's, mustard for $10,000 all hundreds.
I pop bands more often than I pop my collar.
#bands #straps #racks #racks on racks #on racks
by elcid0 February 19, 2013
The awesomest thing that can evar happen to a person. As Kabout Shish Kabob. What happens under the covers STAYS THERE. The creeper van beats the bus any day of the week. NEVAR FORGET the police lurkers! They'll get you every time, I guarantee it. Also, praying mantis style.

That is all.
Man, band is the awesomest class I've ever taken.
#band #band trip #awesome #shish kabob #praying mantis
by Count Dale June 24, 2008
Being badass with a slice of total awesomeness; flaunting about how good one is
People don't realize how band Tony Romo is.
#cool #hip #good #awesome #tony #romo #tony romo #bad #sweet #eagle #cowboy #eagles #cowboys
by The Doods August 26, 2007
A place for the following:

-Having the time of your life.
-sucking on wood.
-Dying at band camp.
-Getting called fatt.
-Laughing at cheerleaders.
-Hoping cheerleaders fall.
-Laughing when they do fall.
-Offer to help them up then make them gag on a reed.
-Dancing like a freak.
-Stuffing the small sweet clarinet player in a tuba case.
-Stealing the french horn players popcorn.
-Making your director a hair bow.
-Laughing at your directors girly pink shirt.
-Getting sent to the choir room for laughing at your directors girly pink shirt.
-Wearing funny hats.
-Getting out of school to play at McDonalds.
-Buying pictures of Babys as sunflowers.
-Making fun of the guy who yells "focus!" every 2 seconds.
-Being fatt.
-robbing gas stations.
-Singing stupid songs to the top of your lungs.
-Sticking your tounge out when playing.
-Being cursed out.
-Talking illegal pictures.
-Playing in dirt.
-Laughing when the suck-ish flute player runs track.
-Getting your ear drum busted by the piccolow.
-Getting rained on.
-Running away from the sax. players.
-Wearing bows.
-Talking about having letters on your teeth.

-Such much more.
Guy- See those fat people suckin' on wood?

Other guy- Yeah, they should gag.

Guy- Their in band.
#fat #food #fun #laughing #living
by your mommmms mooommm May 16, 2010
Consisting of two people who just rock out on their guitar.
Hey, check it out! Erik and Vu are a band!
#guitar #rocking #people #rock band #the band
by AznDisaster January 07, 2010
To be barred from use of a forum by a moderator for cause. Synonym: banned.
I got band from the pokah! forum when I questioned the moderators parentage.
by dm00 August 17, 2005
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