1. A group of people who play instruments/music

2. A sure way to be "cool"

3. Picking up a guitar because everyone else is, and making your friends, who also can't play their instruments, bang on drums and play the C chord on the guitar over and over again.
Boy 1: I'm in a band
Boy 2: Dude, SO AM I!!!11!!oneone
Boy 1: We are too kewl for school! Lets go have monkey sex in my parents bed!!
by I Own October 07, 2005
The tendency to become a "band geek"
Band Geeks rule!!!!
by LCHS April 21, 2003
A group of people who are almost constantly broke.
The band struggled to pay for gas to get to the concert.
by J1024 February 12, 2009
An awesome fun time!!
OH my GOd the band the krunk!
by Britt..duh September 21, 2003
SUPERIOR music ensemble in schools. PWNS orchestras, both schools and professionals. Will take over and dominate the concert music world. Everybody writes for this group. Nobody writes for orchestras because it is an obsolete fossil or relic going extinct.
The band PWNED the orchestra at the concert today. The band made the orchestra look like pussies. Only pussies play in orchestras. Bands ROCK.
by Bandos PWNS orchies March 25, 2008
a company of particular persons joined, acting, or functioning together to make beautiful music. A band does not play gigs without it's members or take anyone's talents for granted. Or else they're dicks.
The band decided to pass up on a gig opportunity due to a scheduling conflict.

The band members are like brothers, dude!
by thumpittt March 25, 2012
A band. It's either a college or a brass band they march sometimes too, or classical band, school band, rock band, rap band, they all play a important role in ya life so be thankful.
Man wat the world be like if they had no bands. OOOOO it would be stupid boring,shitty,and ppl would go crazy and probably kill themselves.
by Trumppppp July 12, 2009
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