A very common disease in which the individual feels the need to repeatedly play an object, usually referred to as an "instrument," on an day to day basis. Common side effects are loss of hair, virginity, social status, social life, and in some cases, mild death
Bob: Wanna go to the movies?
Bobette: I can't, I have Band
by Bob March 05, 2003
An assortment of different people playing certain instruments(i.e., percussion, brass, woodwinds, strings, etc.) to create music. Utilizing different groupings of instruments, bands can become symphonies, orchestras, and philharmonics.
"I play an instrument in the band."
by LST May 17, 2004
a "passtime" that takes up your whole life and doesn't allow you to do anything fun because you're too busy with band.
sometimes can be fun, but also hard work. takes some mad skill to be a band nerd. warning: once in band, you automatically become a band geek, even if you don't try
those who quit are losers
p.s. band kids are also known to have some pretty wild parties with a lot of slut dancing
Cindy: Hey Bobby, wanna hang out Friday? My parents are out of town!
Bobby: Sorry Cindy, I can't, I have band. Then a band party
by Shallison April 28, 2006
A cluster of 50 or so high school students, not to be underestimated. They are, for the most part, legally insane and should be feared and respected. Band geeks have a tendency to be perverts, but remarkably hilarious at the same time. They are an odd species, with outstanding talents for dances and unsual vocals. They tend to lack in respect for anyone's personal space and have the amazing ability to eat jawbreakers and play brass instruments at the same time.
If you have a bubble....go to the band room for an hour....you wont then....
by saxintheband April 23, 2008
Large amounts of money seperated by $1,000 in cash. Typically 10-Hundred dollar bills, 50-Twenty dollar bills, 100-Ten dollar bills, or 200-Five dollar bills.

This term was created by Baton Rouge rapper Ray Vicks who coined the term in his mixtape 36 O's Later (track 4).
I got 10 bands on me.
by Paperboy P March 29, 2010
Disfunctional family that you choose.
Garage Bands
Marching Band practice out in 120 F
by crzygall July 17, 2008
Referring to the rubber bands used to hold wads of cash; $1000 to be exact.

so "bands" are $1000 wads
cash makes her dance Juicy J, not the bands
by MrCr December 21, 2012
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