2)that place where the entire band (excluding the scared little freshman who were only in concert band and missed the band bonding in marching band) eat lunch.

3)that place with that weird soundproof room that half the band gathers in to watch the band director slaughter the other band members playing Halo 2 at lunch.

4)that room in that building called the PAC that the band geeks get all fussy and resentful over when non-band people enter it and disrespect the performing arts center (home).
you mean i have another family.... who doesn't live in the band room with me? weird....
by squeeky the clarinet duckie June 19, 2006
Top Definition
1. My second home.
2. Where you have band practice.
3. The part of school that doesn't seem like school.
4. The place where all the band dorks eat lunch(we do not practice the whole time!)
5.Where I've been at 6:30am and at 3am.
6. The only place you like to be during school. And, well, after school and before school too.
The place where I just was an hour ago.
by colorguardgirl3 January 05, 2005
A place where many people get it on. Especially in the back rooms where no one knows about. Silly band kids.
Dude, did you hear "Little People Big World" got it on in the band room yesterday?
by haksammalabom May 17, 2008
The place where girls go to give guys blowjobs.
Hey, did you hear that Allie gave Jordan a blowjob?

Yeah! It was in the band room.
by Yoyoyomaan August 18, 2009
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