woodwind section leader.

i know, i am one.
"the clarinet section leader is such a band nazi! the brass get to slack off while she makes the woodwinds learn all the major and minor scales! grr."
by squeeky the clarinet duckie June 19, 2006
Top Definition
A member of any band that insists he is the best one in the band and writes all the music and calls all the shots. Often tells the other band members what to do which directly leads them to talk about him behind his back. Most band nazis are lead guitarists.
Drummer: Kyle is so annoying. Did you see him telling me how to play to that stupid riff he made up?
Singer: Yeah! He fucking sucks.
Bassist: What a band nazi.
by xalcoholx March 12, 2006
any director or assistant director who overworks the band in a communist fashion
mr ford hasnt given us water in hours,that fucking band nazi
by Tyler Headrick September 13, 2006
Generally a complete, utter and total B*TCH. Often abuses power given to her by people higher up in the pecking order. Favourite past-times include:
- Making empty threats
- Psyching up
- Whinging
- Having temper tantrums
- Wearing a kilt with no undies
- Buying flea repellent for her "dog"
Person 1: I love my life
Person 1: I hate my life
by Said Person August 25, 2007
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