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Banapple (gas) is an illegal substance that contains traces of LSD given a fruity flavour.

It was first discovered in 1968 and popularised by the famous singer, Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam), in his song 'Banapple Gas'

It is classified as a class-A drug
Cat: Banapple gas! It makes you happy! It makes you laugh!
(sprays police man)
Police Man: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
by Moonshadow May 20, 2008
hello. its a cross between a banana and an apple. and it costes $7 a kilo and its just so awesome.
chick: did you bring those $7 a kilo banapples over??
dude: yerr
chick: yeyy
by apple bumb May 15, 2009
Similiar to shinanigans, Banapple is declared when someone or something is just plain rediculous.
Banapple can also be used as a adjective or adverb describing a thing or person in seriously douchy way.
Boss: "You have to wash all those dishes before leaving."
Employee: "Banapple!"


Boss: "You have to was all those dishes before leaving."
Employee: "This job is fucking banapple..."
by the sizzler69 October 12, 2011
when you see a banana between two apples and everyone in the room automatically know what your thinking.
Jim saw a banapple in the kitchen and his mother look at him and said "don't be a pervert"
by anal vibrations September 07, 2010
a mix between apples and bananas. some people call them bapples but that's just totally wrong. It's short for a mix of apples and bananas
guy #1: you bringing the banapples over tonight?
guy #2: hell yeah
by heyfuyuki January 18, 2009
The crossbreed between a banana and an apple. I came up with it during my AP Chemistry class. also see banapple snapple
Mom: What kind of fruit do you want?
Kid: Get me a banapple, bitch!
by Mark December 07, 2003