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a panel or piece done on a train
seen any banannas today?
by dsrupt March 23, 2005
11 23
Proof that American Civilization's weakness is that it can't spell to save its life.
It's banana, goddamnit!

NOT bananna!
by aleclair March 04, 2006
94 24
A word used by retarded people because they can't spell bananas.
Did you eat all the banannas!?!?!
by Cody T January 02, 2007
18 7
A chinese person who is very westernised. They are Yellow on the outside but white on the inside.
Mrs Lee called me a Bananna!
by Kammi April 16, 2005
30 20
crazzyyyy c0o ass hell..wild.
yo i was at that party yesturday, dat shit was banannas!!
by Beba March 25, 2005
6 9
A metaphor commonly used at my school for penis
Damn thats a big bannana!
by Gurl wl PMS July 25, 2004
15 26
can have many uses..but the main purpose is to eat. A bananna is a yellow fruit found on hawian trees.
-that bananna sure was TASTY!!
-I love babanna's!
by Danielle May 05, 2005
7 31