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the name of a very well known group in norwich, consists of 6 super-stylish chicks. every girl wants to be in the banang clan, but only six are allowed. Many girls idolise members of the banang clan. current members include: Daisy, Charley, Elle, Alice, Sam and Yueying.
"Did you hear that the Banang Clan are going to the flix on Saturday? We HAVE to go!"
by chazzymoo August 14, 2003
ive heard about these girls.. but i think now daisys out and sum1 called faye is in? theyre wildly popular, i heard charley had a birthday party at her house and she had to hire a bouncer to make sure only people who were on the "guest list" could get in!
the banang clan went to chess club for a laugh and the next week almost the whole school went- justto see if they were there!
by joe hanak May 02, 2004
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