an insulting term for someone that is retarded.
"Quit drooling on yourself, Banana Head."
by Joe M May 23, 2004
Top Definition
A very close friend or companion
hi bananaheads did you see that bongbong that yongying song
by Isabellee June 22, 2008
Someone that is not too smart AND WASTES other peoples time !!

Banana Head, Stop sending me all these shits.
by Altcar August 28, 2003
An insult; basically calling someone a bananahead is similar to calling them an idiot or a moron.
Lord of Karma is a bananahead if he thinks The Eraser isn't electronica.

by Tim34534543 August 03, 2006
a person who speaks or acts stupidly as if there were a banana shoved into their ear and into their brain.
Did you see what Brian did yesterday? He's such a banana head!
by your mother's uncle's brother February 19, 2009
A term coined by Joe K. Silva (circa 1985) used to demean some one. Usually directed towards members of one's own family or friends of children. e.g. the Johns'
This ain't no f*##ing resort banana head.

O.J. got away with it banana head.
by J.R. Cash May 21, 2004
A battle droid, from "Star Wars".
I love it when I hear a bananahead in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" saying "Roger, Roger!"
by pentozali February 17, 2009
An idiot, especially a minority idiot.
what a fucking banana head this guy is
by max December 01, 2004
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