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The concept of absolute insanity. A mix between banana sandwich and ape shit. To be driven crazy in an out-of-control manner.
Man, your issues are driving me banana shit!
#ape shit #banana sandwich #crazy #insane #bonkers #wild #nuts
by Dmeyer307 April 21, 2009
1. When you have no flipping clue what the other person is going on about.

2. Making about as much sense as pooping out a whole banana.
My teacher went on for hours about sports metaphors! I was just asking if you spell "team" with an i -- he's totally bananashit!
#batshit #erratic #fuckstupid #wtf-er #out there
by LaF-IstaFeliz December 03, 2009
When you take a shit on the crease of a girls vagina then fuck her and pull it out and she licks everything off.
Yo, I heard "Tittie Face" Vandergriff fed a banana shit to that slut at the party last night.
#bananas #shit #vagina #licks #crease
by Tittie Fuck October 29, 2010
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