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Placing or forgetting a used condom, and having someone else step and/or slip on it.
I totally got drunk and left a Banana peel on kitchen floor last night.
by Chowchowcity May 25, 2014
To make oneself feel pleasure by inserting banana peel onto penis, one can decide to eat after during or before. Usually this is performed by Devin Goodnight
Duuuuuddeee? Did you see that conversation about Devin sexually abusing the banana peel??
by Mother Teresa February 04, 2008
A klonopin/clonazepam pill. It is yellow and sweet to the taste, similar to a banana. When you eat them, it is not uncommon to suddenly lose your balance, as if you had stepped on a banana peel. This is known as slippin.
"Hey man, got any banana peels?"
"Nah, I heard this man named Leslie does though..."
"A man named Leslie?"
"Yup, he's always slippin."
by AYKAY47 April 07, 2008
the skin on the outside of a penis. Most visable when not erected
when I dont have a boner I`m only skin and banana peel
by blu3hat July 06, 2010
The aftermath of a man giving birth to a baby (or in some circumstances a large pumpkin) through his urethra, blowing his penis out.
Jason: I wish I gave birth to that pumpkin.. I would be a proud parent.
Brian: Ahahahaha! You'd also have a banana peel in your pants.
by outofc0ntro1 October 26, 2011
A light-skinned female, with pretty hair
Damn! son did you see that banana peel over there.
by Jae Grad August 06, 2010
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