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When a certain British YouTuber deep throats a banana in front of 40,000 people while his brother eats cereal next to him. He then proceeds to have it trend on twitter.
Girl 1: Omg have you heard of Finn Harries?
Girl 2: Omg yeah he is such a banana slut!!!!!
by Saltnpepper April 16, 2013
1. An Asian female who insists on marrying a white guy and having his kids for the sole reason of "having beautiful babies." These girls are usually desperate and ugly and are presumptuous to believe their kids will be automatically beautiful.
"I wonder why Ching Lao married Fred Johnson. They have nothing in common and he beats her!"
"She's a banana slut. She only married him to have hapa kids. Too bad they came out butt ugly!"
by UPchuck1 May 18, 2007

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