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1.The discription of a state of complete disorder.
where the thing you are discribing is acting negatively in a unexpectedly large way.

2.Another phrase for the word crazy
"everything was just fine until the guy just go's banana sandwich and starts yelling at the clerk"

Dane Cook - "But here's what drove me banana sandwich about this robe."
by xA1UC4RDx September 11, 2007
The placing of a mans aroused member between a ladies buttocks and rubbing it against the anus to the point of ejaculation
Janet wont go all the way, but she'll make a banana sandwich with any man. The ho.
by MrJonez March 16, 2009
crazy or out of this world. Just plain wild
Brian went banana sandwich, when he found out that he left his car keys in his car.
by Suter August 13, 2007
To drive somebody crazy. The phrase is often used when someone/something just completely makes you mad.
The phrase "banana sandwich" drives Nate banana sandwich.
by Gypsy_Kitty99 March 24, 2009
when something is absolutely awesome or amazing
1. man that party last night was fuckin banana sandwiches!!

2. dude when we were playin halo 3 last night and that guy stuck my ghost and it blew up and part of splattered a guy!! that shit was so banana sandwiches!!!
by mrbananasandwiches June 03, 2009
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