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A Banana Peel is a prank. In order to do this prank you must use a condom, after that you turn it inside out. You then throw the used condom on the ground, preferably in a well traveled location. You then wait, after a while somebody is bound do slip on it, like a banana peel.
Banana peel needs no example
by Elij January 29, 2008
13 27
Another name for a mans un-circumsized penis
Yo i saw Ted's Banana Peel yesterday in the locker room!
by peee ceee teee vee October 13, 2007
9 33
A derogatory term used in reference to females. Synonyms include: Slut, skank, whore, hoe, etc...
That girl's a banana peel
by NoneOfYourBusiness April 19, 2006
18 49