Acronym meaning "black ass nigger". A "b.a.n" is a self proclaimed "gangsta". B.a.n's are easily recognized by their attire, usually being dressed in du-rag, hat or "fitted", tight or baggy pants sagging below their ass, and sneakers. B.a.n's have a tendency to violently steal things like ipods and phones from random citizens so stay alert.
"Dude did you see that? That b.a.n just beat that guy up for his ipod."
by FlameKid676 May 23, 2010
Acronym for Bob-Ass-Nigga

A bob ass nigga is any average looking guy going out with/fucking a hot woman.
Joe: Yo Steve! Check out that hot chick!

Steve: Damn she's fine, but what is she doing with that B.A.N
by datboicamron January 09, 2009
Body Area Network. That is a network that persists around the body. Mainly using Bluetooth as the medium but there is a move to WiFi to connect ones personal technology. It is mainly found truly satisfying by geeks, middle mamangement and men with no sex life.
a: check out checkout Jason' BAN. WOW, he's PSP is WiFi'd to N95, which he's using as boardband router and he's headphone are bluetooth ?!$%

b: He truely is a cock with no sex life, nuff said.
by jolyon September 27, 2007
A white suppremacy group in western Canada, and northwestern USA. They are known to be violent to people of colour.

Stands for - Bikers Against Niggers
Joe- "hey bob did you hear about what B.A.N did last night?" Bob- "yea I heard they beat up some black guys out side the bar."
by Dave28069 August 31, 2005
A brand of antiperspirant/deodorant.
By applying ban antiperspirant/deodorant to the underarms, one can prevent odor.
by DeJuan March 22, 2005
Broke Ass Nobody - originally Broke Ass Nigger, but many aren't Black so why limit? - is said of some guy who is pennyless, looks scruffy, and is generally below your personal standard.
My girls and I went to the club last night and got hit on by a bunch of very persistant BANs, we just could not get out of there fast enough!
by Nazu March 16, 2005
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