Abbreviation for " bitch ass nigga" adjective
If your in the hood, and someone doesn't want to do something you would say " dam you a ban "
Another situation

" why you got to be such a ban you ban."
by Farruko January 03, 2013
It is a Nigerian slang pronounced (Bans) which is an acronym for the famous Nigerian Saying, Boys are not smiling. This slang is used when you are being serious about something, and could also be used for humor.
For Example: "how were your results?" "Ahh BANS" ... For Example: "How did you react to the football score?" "I was BANSING"
by Big man K August 03, 2011
B.A.N. Man (BANNED)(B**** A** N****) (noun) refers to a person, place, thing, movement etc. that commits some sort of faux pas, social error, or act that would cause them to be "BANNED".

The term was coined by radio personality Cherry Martinez, in 2009 and B.A.N Man Mondays is aired EVERY Monday from 10 pm to 2am on Power 105.1 giving listeners the opportunity to call in to expose and let go of all things that should be disregarded and removed from there lives and pop culture.
"My childs father is a B.A.N for NOT paying his child support"

"I really wanna BAN skinny jeans on men and chinese slippers on women over the age 15."
by BAN MAN February 01, 2010
Choosing not to do an act.
Tyrone: Maan i was ment to go tho the job center today...BAN IT!

Tyrika: Yeah man, ban it!
by Rhani B April 13, 2008
Rejected from newgrounds or any such thing.
Reason for ban: Creating a spam thread about Kupaman.
I swear I'll kill you, KupaMan!
by Master_Unlucky August 31, 2004
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