B.A.N. Man (BANNED)(B**** A** N****) (noun) refers to a person, place, thing, movement etc. that commits some sort of faux pas, social error, or act that would cause them to be "BANNED".

The term was coined by radio personality Cherry Martinez, in 2009 and B.A.N Man Mondays is aired EVERY Monday from 10 pm to 2am on Power 105.1 giving listeners the opportunity to call in to expose and let go of all things that should be disregarded and removed from there lives and pop culture.
"My childs father is a B.A.N for NOT paying his child support"

"I really wanna BAN skinny jeans on men and chinese slippers on women over the age 15."
by BAN MAN February 01, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym. Bitch Ass Nigga.
You got BAN (Bitch Ass Nigga) deseise.
by DEKE April 08, 2005
v. to bar from; to restrict access to, to exile. See also: Aetherialize
The Aetherializor banned Matt today.
by Plague September 23, 2003
abbreviation for the phrase "bitch ass nigga". often used in chat rooms.
chater1: yo
chater2: sup
chater1: nm, yo i hooked up with your sister
chater2: you b.a.n!!
by Urban Dictionary March 24, 2007
Bitch Ass Nigga

Reference:The Boondocks (Television Series}
Reference: B.A.N by David Banner
"Yo dawg you is a bitch ass nigga B.A.N for not competing in the fishing tournament."
by Angel jyhhgtff February 01, 2009
A term used by Nazi moderators/admins.
You're banned. *Insert name here* Goes bye bye.
by Rap sucks April 05, 2004
A "Bitch-ass-nigga," also known as a busta, a someone who you can't trust, a fool, not a hustla, he ain't never thrust a single useful gestcha (gesture).
Deep falcon rarely speaks, but when he does, its guaranteed he'll say, "Lil' B.A.N.," since he tends to think most people other than himself are bustas, and he just might be right.
by nesia November 28, 2005
From the root BAN meaning Bitch Ass Nigga, bannerisms are any
characteristics that can describe a BAN.
I can't believe that nigga started crying after that girl broke up with him. What a muthafukin BAN.
by -D-Dubbs October 18, 2007
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