when someone is acting fearful for some reason,a paranoid reaction to someone or something.

"I banged up dat yout the other day so he goes on bammy"
by wordie March 15, 2009
Top Definition
A Jamaican flatbread that is very similar to a pancake. Bammy bread is made from grated cassava root that is pressed in a cloth to remove the liquid juice, then mixed with salt, formed into a small round shape, and placed on a baking sheet. The cassava is pressed down to decrease the thickness of the bread and is then baked on both sides, as the pancake-like bread is turned over once while baking. This bread is most often served as an accompaniment to fried fish or other fried foods.
That bammy tasted great with my fried fish.
by mary June 14, 2006
Underpants/panties (of the male or female variety)
Alex, why your bammies up to your nipples? Damn those bammies are huge.
by Meemar Prachar August 12, 2005
The chocolate valve
She let me in the back door when the decorators where in
by Pure Thespian May 15, 2003
When someone dresses like a chav they are named Bammy (pronounced bammeh).
you look bammy with that on
by JackC11 February 07, 2011
A very sexy boy
Look over there at that Bammy.
by Lewis David July 25, 2008
Wow- like whambam but bigger n better.
When you meet somebody and immediatly hit it off (sometimes without even speaking)
A big chemical explosion/ energy between 2 people
person 1 'wow that was Bammy !!'
person 2 'what was'
person 1 'the chemistry between me n that guy'
by twp March 27, 2007
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