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A word invented by some marketroid wearing suit for the Coca Cola Company, pretending to be "young", "cool", and "streetwise"...
Drink Fanta, stay Bamboocha!
by EQ1 August 01, 2006
(bam-boo-cha) Hawaiian slang; huge; large; big; giant
1) Das one bamboocha dog you get ova dea!

English: That is a huge dog you have overthere!
by MeliaGirl November 13, 2006

Bamboocha is the trademark of Fanta -limonade.
Meaning of havin' fun and bein' open minded.
Bamboocha is also used as a positive response.
Bamboocha means many things and is everywhere.
Drink Fanta, stay Bamboocha!
by Haphazy September 21, 2005
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