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you take a bamboo tree, hollow it out, sand it up and get everything very smooth. now theres a pregnant lady, 2cnd trimester, your gonna shove the bamboo straight up her vagina hitting and puncturing her butthole thus creating one super hole. now take the bamboo stick, make her body like a butter churn, and churn the butter. now spit shit and piss in the super hole after churning her like butter. also bleed and cry into the super hole for good measure. form a ladle out of her skull bone, take the ladle and scoop the soup that you have made in the superhole ( preheat oven to 350, cover in salt butter and pepper, and cook for roughly 15 minuets). now pour the scalding soup onto ones own body burning ones self to a crisp but using it as a lube as it drips. then finish off into her superhole thus finishing the bamboo butt fuck!
Drew: dude, im being charged with 1st degree murder, i bamboo butt fucke d susan last night....

Blaine: Dude... how was it

Drew: dudee..... the best
by jimmy kerbek October 21, 2010
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