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girls or female friends that are attractive
josh-yo man you see those bambies over?
mike-yeah sin them bambies not hot
by bambies January 26, 2009
Term for the police in the streets.
"I hear the bambies comin' lets go!"
by jetsetterxl February 02, 2010
Derived from the latin root 'bambinnalino'; meaning 'torn leg-wear'. 'Bamby' is typically a term applied to polo trousers that have suffered large amounts of tear and wear due to harsh, often cheap, cleaning products. Whilst there is some debate about the limited scope of applying a term to only polo trousers, most all agree that should the term be used in regards to all leg-wear, the usage would be so frequent as to render most conversation incoherent.
"Wow man, your polo's have a major Bamby!"
by Ron Hiter February 09, 2005