Is obsessed with the color blue and REALLY wants to be Ville Valo. Seriously, man. It's NOT becoming.
"If only I could change from Bam Margera into Mrs. Ville Valo!" -Bam Margera
by Titty Bob and Bart Le Froof October 30, 2004
See "Faggot"
You:"Bam Margera is the coolest guy ever!"

Me:"Eat Shit, Faggot!"
by Court_H August 23, 2008
Biggest disgrace to skateboarding. Un talented over exposed idiot. Gothic and poser girls idol because they too have no clue of who they are. If you like bam, you suck.
"BAM IS SO HOT, I HATE LIFE" - Gothic girl
"Bam margera isnt even good at skateboarding, hes a disgrace" - me
by Steve0111113 February 27, 2006
the worst person to live next to
a toolbox
tips below 10%
Can you hand me my Bam Margera, I need a wrench.
by Teresa March 25, 2004
listen. Bam Margera is NOT A GOOD SKATER!!! why the fuck would anyone even think hes good?! the best trick ive ever seen him do is a disaster. wow, theres so many other skaters that actually deserve recognition. in my city, theres a 14 year old that can kickflip out of manual dwn a 3 block. bam margera doesnt even know what a 3 block is. all he does is hurt people and rip off companies and ideas just because hes too much of a braindead douchebag to think of his own shit.
poser: OMG!!! in my american wasteland game, i just saw Bam Margera do a kickflip on a curb that looked really scary!!!
me: wow i can do a kickflip dwn a curb. hes a douche. now... bring me some popcorn.
by asfsddsffsdfasd July 12, 2006
there is only one definition for bam margera, and that is, a bleeding douche-bag, flaming butt-pirate, cum guzzling dick muffin.....yes, dick muffin. he is the single biggest sell-out in skatboarding history. he is a gaint leech that sucks the talent off other famous people's balls..... why the F*** is he famous!?
bam margera dose'nt do shit on jack-ass, and any other show he's been on is completely scripted...douche.
by the gentlemen thief November 09, 2009
1/ Creater of the CKY videos.
2/ Huge fan of H.I.M. and director of their music videos from the "Love Metal" album.
3/ The best jackass from the MTV show and movie.
4/ A pro skater with the likes of Element and Adio as sponsers, but honestly isn't the "best" skater ever.
"Why would you say don't when it already happened?!" - Bam Margera CKY3
by Your name September 20, 2003

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