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First of all, Bam is not the "best skater on the face of the earth". He's only popular because of Jackass and Viva La Bam. People who this he is "God" are stupid because he's just another skater. HE did not start CKY, and most "skater" girls and posers only like CKY and HIM because Bam listens to it.
Fan Of CKY and HIM because of Bam: man i love CKY and HIM! theyre so awesome!
Real Fan: man u just like them cause of Bam!
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: NO! I totally listend to them before he was popular!
Real Fa: so where are they from?
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: PHILLY! (or PA)
REal Fan: europe, idiot.
by molly September 02, 2004
1)I'll be the first Bam fan to admit this,he really isn't the best skateboarder out there,but he is good.
2)Bam may share the name CKY(the name of his brother's band),but he DID help the band launch off,and if someone did that for my band, I would gladly let them share the name.
3)BAM MARGERA CO-OWNS THE HEARTAGRAM! He did not STEAL it, he knows Ville Valo, who happily let Bam use and have it.
4)There are people who only listen to certain bands because they heard about them off of 'Viva La Bam',but not all do. I heard about HIM via Bam, but hes not the reason I listen to them. If you don't believe me, you can go suck it.
To those of you say HIM is from Europe, BE MORE SPECIFIC! FINLAND!!!

Bam Margera(had to put it in)
by Abbadon craves the light May 16, 2009
Bam Margera is officially the cooleset guy that lives with his mom.
Hey look! Bam and Ryan are doing crazy shit to Bam's house and its really pissing off his mom, Ape.
by Thunder_Joe614 March 05, 2005
Bam is not the best skater in the world but he is good and even though viva la bam is scripted it is still a good laugh,jess rocks and bam raab himself and ryan dunn are totally hilarious, cky and him are fuckin good bands and jackass, viva la bam, haggard and the other movies and shows bam has stared in kick ass. Bam is a fuckin legend and weither you like it or not like bam say hes gonna do what ever the fuck he wants.
Jess and Bam Margera Rock

bam: This could be good , maybe we go to Amsterdam, and ape will do all the dirty work.

Rake: CKY in Amsterdam

Ryan Dunn:you suck as a son

everyone: *laughing*
by 666Lexy July 20, 2006
Listen up, Bam isnt the best skateboarder, your right, but he never said he was! He IS better than any of you bashers will ever be though and is so much sexier!! He is not a sellout! WOW hes made shows for mtv, so what? Every musician/actor/ahlete has been on mtv! you arent him, you dont know his mind, dont bash him, based on ur standard of perfection when your some no name loser form anytown usa! You wanna see the real selloutz? look at all the stupid reality shows like the surreal life,, and stuff... they r the sellouts! oh and bam never "Stole Villes tatoos. Ville gave him permission. Spo what if ville is bas idol, I know you have some!
some ppl might have just learned about him or cky becaus eof bam, and they really do like them! thats not being aposer! being aposer is if they really dont like them but just say they do for bam.....who says ur right to judge!?

Bam is great and is a fucking sexgod,!!

Viva La bam rocks!!
Bam is the sexiest man alive!! id love to be jenn!
Ok, I've heard some things that aren't very accurate. HIM let Bam use the Heartagram as his symbol cuz Ville is a good friend of his. He's a good skater on team Element. He admits that most of Viva la Bam is scripted, but even a monkey knows which part is scripted and which is not. I mean get real, NO ONE can make Vito read from a script. He is a brilliant person who doesnt deserve thiese inaccurate flamers. I just love his antics and his hotness. Too bad he's married to Missy
Person# 1: You know Bam Margera?
Person# 2: Yeah, I love him!!!
Asshole: Psh, he's a poser and he sucks
*Asshole gets jumped in a back alley*

No one likes a ruiner of things, kids. Be smart, say no to flaming
by October L. August 04, 2007
Funniest person ever. He could take the most random things and make it funny as hell. Bam is an Icon and is fuckin awsome. Viva la bam is so much better than waching the fuckin osbournes. They are the real sell-outs. The Margeras kick ass.
Bam Margera is God.
by Pegro March 09, 2004
sexy skateboarder alive!!!!!
Viva la BAM!!
by WhOGiVeSaShIt October 16, 2003