First of all, Bam is not the "best skater on the face of the earth". He's only popular because of Jackass and Viva La Bam. People who this he is "God" are stupid because he's just another skater. HE did not start CKY, and most "skater" girls and posers only like CKY and HIM because Bam listens to it.
Fan Of CKY and HIM because of Bam: man i love CKY and HIM! theyre so awesome!
Real Fan: man u just like them cause of Bam!
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: NO! I totally listend to them before he was popular!
Real Fa: so where are they from?
F.O.C.A.H. b/c of Bam: PHILLY! (or PA)
REal Fan: europe, idiot.
by molly September 02, 2004
A rare, possibly extinct, mutation of the chimpanzee, without the aforementioned's charm or wit. Tastes a bit like chicken.
"Who's that smelly fucker? Oh, it's a Bam Margera!"
by Mr Ned September 14, 2005
Wrote, produced, and edited the CKY movie series along side with Brandon Dicamillo.
Bam also skates for Element Skateboards, and has been for quite some time, BEFORE Viva La Bam. After Viva La Bam, Bam Margera became widely popular due to MTVs vast popularity.(which is best known why CKY and HIM are so popular now)
CKY and HIM have been mainly publicised by Bam, and the Element Skateboard company. Bam Margera officially sold out in the 2nd to 3rd season of the "hit" television series Viva La Bam, by having MTV give him shit loads of money to due things thought not possible (like when he was in CKY).
His humor has grown old, and will never quite be the same again.
Year 2002
dude#1:"hey man this CKY video is fuckin' hilarious"
dude#2:"what the fuck is CKY?"

Year 2004-2005
dude#1:"hey did you see last nights episode of Viva La Bam?"

preppy MTV girl:"lyk OMGZ, was it the one where bam margera got a HELICOPTER and went to the top of that mountain in BRAZIL, lyk wHere i ttly go tANning evry yr with my rich parents who spoil me?!"
by Big C and the Kids Table June 23, 2006
Star of MTV's Jackass, the CKY series of videos, MTV series Viva La Bam, and pro skater. Obsessed with Finnish band HIM.
Bam Margera owns a Mercedes S-55 AMG (which he calls his HIMcedes HIM-55), a Hummer H3 (his HIMmer H3), and a purple Lamborghini Gallardo (his HIMborghini HIMardo, or Bamborghini Margallardo), the latter of which he had Billy Idol saw the roof off.
by HIMrarri April 17, 2006
An ok skateboarder that makes all his money off his Tv show instead of skateboarding. Funny show but too many people overrate him.
Bam margera is a sellout.
by the fonz January 28, 2005
Bam Margera is a producer, director, and skater. He has stared or created movies and tv shows like Haggard, CKY, Jackass, Jackass: The Movie, Jackass 2, Viva La Bam, and Bam's Unholy Union. He also hosts a radio show called Radio Bam on SIRIUS. His closest friends are Raab himself, Rake Yohn, Brandon Dicamillo, Ryan Dunn, Villa Valo, And Brandon Novak. His wife is named missy. Some of his popular relatives are Jess Margera (Brother), Ape and Phil Margera (Mom and Dad respectivly), Don vito (Uncle). Bam is from west chester PA. His family was poor and they lived in a trialor park but with his success with his videos and skateboarding he and his family live a celebritzed life. He is famous for his terrorizing his parents and his friends and doing crazy stunts and skateboarding. Bam Dropped out of high school but was forced by his parents to earn his GED.
Teacher: Who is a popular skateboarder who messes with his parents?
Student: Bam Margera!
Teacher: Correct.
by sloanerman11 May 13, 2007
poser who used to be cool. then he sold out completely, and turned into a posterchild for MTV and the 90$ trucker hat industry
Bam Margera is fake.
by Jefferson Smith February 11, 2005
A "skater" who is nothing more than an eleven-year-old douche bag in the body of a 30-something year old, and is only famous for his role in "Jackass" - the pinnacle, and prime example of the average American's intellect, and "A show named after its target audience". He is also famous for his show, Viva la Bam whose viewers use words like "lame" and spell extremely as "extreamly", highlighting either their inability to spell and use a keyboard, or their overall intelligence.
1. "Man, you're such a douche, you're just like Bam Margera."
2. "And anyone who says it sucks are people who are either to mature, or a bunch of 16 yr. olds who try to be cool and probably are extreamly lame" -- Definition #4 of Viva la Bam.
by Saul David December 01, 2007

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