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The act of bumping kneez with your friend/homie
Dude that was awesome! Bam Kneez? *Bams knees*
by Joebob rockz October 09, 2009
An indescribable act, feeling, or moment. Also can be simply hitting knees with another person as a friendly gesture in the place of a handshake, fist bump, or high five. It has lately evolved into just a loose term.
Jordan was overcome with the bam kneez!!

Mindless dude #1: Yo dude!
Mindless dude #2: (pointing at Mindless dude #1 with both hands) Bam Kneez!
by im_not_MJ October 09, 2009
Something that's really cool and gets you juiced.
Wow we really tore that up dude! BAM KNEEZ!!
by Joebob rockz October 09, 2009