Even though he's a good skater, he's a huge sellout. I knew him and he was a lot funnier before he got rich. Now he does stuff that isn't even that funny.
I don't need to use an example for bam margera
by Rickk James September 22, 2007
Overrated high school drop out who made it big from a a piece of wood.
Bam Margera is not entertaining in the least bit except for CKY 2.
by Pat July 17, 2004
guy who spelled his name wrong in the credits of his own movie, haggard.
i wish i had a mom like april
by Jenn J March 13, 2004
younger brother of cky's jess margera. cky was created by jess margera, derron miller, and chad ginsburg. bam just created the stunts and skateboarding videos. bam is an all around awesome guy who beats the shit outta his dad and throws shit at his mom.
"dammit bam! you hit me in the gut!"
-phil margera
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003
1)I'll be the first Bam fan to admit this,he really isn't the best skateboarder out there,but he is good.
2)Bam may share the name CKY(the name of his brother's band),but he DID help the band launch off,and if someone did that for my band, I would gladly let them share the name.
3)BAM MARGERA CO-OWNS THE HEARTAGRAM! He did not STEAL it, he knows Ville Valo, who happily let Bam use and have it.
4)There are people who only listen to certain bands because they heard about them off of 'Viva La Bam',but not all do. I heard about HIM via Bam, but hes not the reason I listen to them. If you don't believe me, you can go suck it.
To those of you say HIM is from Europe, BE MORE SPECIFIC! FINLAND!!!

Bam Margera(had to put it in)
by Abbadon craves the light May 16, 2009
Bam Margera. Its true He isnt the best skater in the world BUT he's still better than you low lifes who spend you lives on the Internet bitching about him.
He is NOT a sell out, every mother fucker has a show on MTV and i bet if you had the chance you would too.
How about travis barker...Is he a sell out also?
No, Cuz you still bum him dont you?
Bam margera haters are fags who cant skate for shit.
by kirstyKONVICTION March 23, 2008
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