a pro skateboarder that uses HIM's logos as his own. funny, unoriginal bastard with a tv show.
don't pull a bam margera.
by crap March 23, 2005
I professional skateboarder from West Chester , PA. He and his friends made the hit shows and movies Jackass, CKY, and Viva la BAM.

BAM is a good skater, but he is way too Overrated......Kids who play Tony Hawk video games and watch too much CKY/viva la bam think that BAM is the god father of skateboarding.
Poser: BAM is the gr8test sk8er alive.

Skater: Why, sure hes good but hes nothing compaired to Mark Appleyard.

Poser:Whats a Mark Appleyard?

Skater: I think this conversation is over.....
by Popwar January 12, 2005
ONe of the worlds biggest sellouts, who has brought shame and disgust to the name CKY.
Bam Margera created a rip off show, with product placement, therefore creating bamtards, thus creating the sellout he has become
by mazinzuma August 07, 2005
awesome skater
cool guy
skates for element
stars in movie called haggard, videos called cky, and jackass
didn't make cky , to all of you dumbasses
Bam margera is awesome but, cky is a band that bam isn't in , he has movies with the same name but isn't in the band , butt Jess is
by Tyler Gadberry , huge bam fan March 31, 2004
An unemployed, uneducated, 27 year old, borderline homosexual high school dropout, that gets paid "MTV's bitch", and lives with his parents. Most people over the age of 16 consider this guy a loser or anyone in the same predicament because of this.
Me: Yo, I went to the Wal-Mart in Kennett Square yesterday and I thought I saw Bam Margera working there.

Friend: Dude, are you kidding? Some douchebage at MTV is still paying that loser to break shit and live with his parents.

Me: Oh YEAH ...HA HA HA. It must have been some other 30 year old hairy fat goon!
by Jurek Dzokolski January 12, 2008
A very overated skater who has gained the love of naive girls everywhere. Jsut because you think the is hot, doesnt mean he can take koston in a game of skate
Guy: Bam is the worse skater ever
Girl: No, he's hot!!!
Guy: Wha---??????
by Stolen February 21, 2005
Is obsessed with the color blue and REALLY wants to be Ville Valo. Seriously, man. It's NOT becoming.
"If only I could change from Bam Margera into Mrs. Ville Valo!" -Bam Margera
by Titty Bob and Bart Le Froof October 30, 2004

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