A "skater" who is nothing more than an eleven-year-old douche bag in the body of a 30-something year old, and is only famous for his role in "Jackass" - the pinnacle, and prime example of the average American's intellect, and "A show named after its target audience". He is also famous for his show, Viva la Bam whose viewers use words like "lame" and spell extremely as "extreamly", highlighting either their inability to spell and use a keyboard, or their overall intelligence.
1. "Man, you're such a douche, you're just like Bam Margera."
2. "And anyone who says it sucks are people who are either to mature, or a bunch of 16 yr. olds who try to be cool and probably are extreamly lame" -- Definition #4 of Viva la Bam.
by Saul David December 01, 2007
a very good skater and very good looking. he also has a funny show called Viva La Bam but it sometimes makes me wonder why his parents still let him live with them.
Bam makes the people around him go insane but...who cares!
by Annie December 08, 2003
Bam Margera is synonymous with gay.
"Bam Margera is pretty gay, dude"
"For real, thats redundant, man"
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006
queer. faggot. assrammer. cocksucker. fudgepacker. tool. dick smoker. queen. homo. asspounder. asspoke. muttondagger. shit stabber. knob jockey.
Jackass 2. The only stunts performed by Bam are gettin a cock branded to his ass, takin a gold dildo to his ass (his own idea), and a couple of other things nobody cares about. Also in Jackass he is the one that volunteer's plunge Steve-O's ass after the "butt chug", he says hes gonna french kiss knoxville if he goes through with "the riot bomb", he puts his ass in Aaron's face after "the big tire race" and he's the only guy that cries in the whole movie and he does it twice (after "riot bomb" and when they surprise him with the cobra after "the wind tunnel".) all in all what im really trying to say is that there is NO way that Bam Margera is straight.
by aarondix January 06, 2007
-A Professional Skater who lives in a castle in the outskirts of westchester, PA.
-A Guy in his 20's that has a "don't give a fuck" attitude and does, basically, "whatever the fuck he wants," and MTV pays for the majority of it, i.e. his cars, etc.
-Sold out to MTV after Jackass (the tv series) finished and Viva La Bam began, leaving him with Thousands of 9-30 year old girls wanting to bear his children.
-Made element the most popular Skate Company around.
-Takes up all the glory as a skater leaving his team mates (Mike V., J Wray, Tosh T, etc) in the dust.

- All in all, he's a good skater, he just needs to lose his big head and keep to skating & lose this business he has with MTV.
Ex. of his popularity: Elementality. Most of his skate clips are mediocre things from Viva la Bam or shots we've already seen, and clips of him in his car rocking out to Sailorman.
Bam Margera.
My example sucks but whatever.
by Kay. August 14, 2006
someone everyone is having orgasms over for no particular reason. he's not particularly funny and my friend can skate better than him.

basically, he's another MTV-Shitface
Dumb-Bitch 1: lyke OMG, Bam Margera is so hawt. marry me Bam, i want your babies.
Me: shut up, slut. *kills*
by JakeH January 03, 2006
A Pompous, Arrogent Little Rich Boy That Obviously Let His fame Go To His Head Over Time. Personally I Don't Know Much Of Him Before Jackass But As Far As I Can See As Soon As He Got Famous He Turned Into An Ass. Whines And Pouts When He Doesn't Get His Way Then Gets "Revenge" Upon The Person Who Didn't Bend To His Will. More Then Likely Has No Real Friends Anymore, Just Hangers On That Stay Around Because Of His Money.
"In My Personal Opinion, Bam Margera Is Far Too Conceited For His Own Good."
by The Definition Shinobi December 25, 2005

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