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fucking legend,real name is brandon, getting married to jenn rivell, best friends are ryan dunn, chris raab, brandon dicamillo, chris aspite, kerry getz, everone at element,rake yohn, art webb and , first sponsor was dave fairman. Acted in Haggard, best movie in the world, based on ryan and glauren.Fav bands are 69 eyes, poisonblack, turbonegro, HIM and cKy.
One of the best skaters in the world. Dont know how phil can handle it.
by Matt bellamy January 12, 2004
16 33
A pro skater who made cKy and the great movie Haggard, but has now turned into a sell out.
Bam Margera sold out when he made a show for crappie MTV.
by MaryofNazareth October 21, 2004
14 32
in jackass, viva la bam and CKY. has a girlfriend jenn rivell. Parents phill and april. Has a fat arse uncle don vito. Is a brillient pro sk8er. His favorate band is HIM. brother jess in the band CKY. He is so fit!! has a 6 pack.
sexiest skater around.
by D April 17, 2004
13 31
1.) my hero
2.) rich/lucky bastard
3.) West Chester representin'
Bam Margera is from West Chester, PA and rocks all that is rockable.

Viva la Bam!
by MJ November 28, 2003
21 41
Is the coolest guy that has ever walked on this planet. No one even comes close to him. He is on Jackass, Cky,Grind and Viva La Bam
He has the best life in the world.
by Mike Warnick November 28, 2003
15 38
my i dol and the sexiest nad coolest guy on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he kicks ass
by lizeth May 13, 2004
16 40
AKA the hot guy my best friend is in love with. also a famous skateboarder, jackass cast member, cast member in Grind, star in Haggard, and the main role in Viva La Bam!!!! We <3333 Bam Margera!!!
announcer voice: what will bam margera do today?
Bam: Whatever the f*ck I want!
by ~*Britt*~ January 16, 2004
12 42