A city on the East Coast that is home to residents who feel their city is the greatest in the world. Common misconceptions repeatedly heard within 100 miles of the city include, "The Ravens are winning the Super Bowl this year", "Ray Lewis is God", "The O's are better than the Yankees", "bright colored polos and foppish colored pants are cool" and many more. Features the highest homocide rate in the nation. Also home to residents who believe they are richer than they really are.
I met some d-bag chodhuffer yesterday, turns out he's from Baltimore.
by MikeyCP July 31, 2005
The largest city in Maryland which is home to:
1.) An overrated aquarium that makes you pay through the nose and stand on a five mile line to get in the door
2.)A shitty baseball team that is run by a lousy owner who fires every decent manager he's ever had
3.)An East-Side that makes post nuclear-bombed Nagasaki look like heaven on earth
4.) Overpriced Parking garages
5.) A scary anime convention held every summer in which thousand of costume wearing anime fans make it look like Dawn Of The Dead has hit baltimore
6.)Dundalk...need I say more?
7.) Highlandtown....ditto
8.)The country's highest murder rate
9.) More gang wars than Chicago or NYC combined
10.) Sisqo (God help us)
Baltimore: Harm City
by Vincent October 28, 2004
STD CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES! Home of the dirty whores, they think there dimes when they really Fours!!!
Big L fucked this balitmore bitch and know he is burning like usher.

by ???? February 17, 2005
The armpit of the East Coast. A murderous stinkhole that you just pass on your way to DC or Philly. A place where the Velveeta is kept in the gourmet section.
That Baltimore place is better known as Shit City. Don't go, cuz you may not get out alive.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
A city where you will find the dirtiest and smelliest ppl of maryland. Filled with mexicans and whores. However people rep it to the fullest and are not afraid to say that they live there! Proud people live here haters need to kiss our ass b/c b-damore is the shit!
B-da-more be full of smelly mexicans.. we need to send them back over the border!
by Kadi January 17, 2005
The worst city in America. A city that is shamed by its superior cities to the North and South, Philly, NYC and DC. A murderous and drug-infested cesspool that is a disgrace to the country and filled with a bunch of no-talent losers and morons. Name a rapper from Baltimore. Exactly. You can't. Filled with a bunch of wannabe New Yorkers and Philadelphians who try and act like the NYers and Philly heads they see on television. A city with no identity other than drugs or crime. People from Baltimore have disgusting accents and sound like hillbillies. A city that is ignored by citizens of real cities like NYC, Philly and DC while Baltimore idiots constantly talk and think about those other cities because of their deep inferiority complex.
The other 49 states and the rest of Maryland should throw Baltimore out of the USA. Baltimore is worse than Baghdad.
by baltimoreisajoke March 22, 2005
A shithole city in Maryland that thinks it is Philly, but is nowhere near. Makes post-nuclear Hiroshima look like the land of milk and honey. It is the 6th most dangerous city in the US, whereas for all Philly haters, Philly is not even on the list.

BTW-DC is ALSO on the list, at like #4 or something.
Baltimore is a cesspot, and if you go there you'll get shot.

Baltimore thinks it owns Philly, but in fact, Philly will own it any day.

Crab Cakes suck ass.

by PhillyDude November 29, 2004
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