The sorriest dam place in Maryland and the United States.
Baltimore stinks and is decaying
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
By far one of the worse cities to hit America. Baltimore is crawling with crime everywhere, the police force is highly corrupt and will do anything to hide crime that occurs and downgrade the crimes to minor offenses so the Mayor can claim "Crime is down yay!" If that is true then why is there almost 300 homicides every year? Forgot, can't hide homicides or "downgrade" them. Officers have been convicted for raping girls in the stations, robbing drug dealers, selling drugs they confiscate and whatever else they can do. The Mayor claims the city is doing better when in fact, more people are leaving the city rather then coming to it. Work is a word most people from Baltimore have never too seriously. Your lucky if you live to the age of 16 without being shot, stabbed, beaten, robbed, or even killed. The city is extremely dirty and the corrupt police force makes it even worse. I have lived in the city my whole life, (18 years) and now I am leaving it. Don't come to Baltimore, your won't get out alive.
"Baltimore can offord a football sadium, but can't offord to save a young childs life, go Ravens!"

"Second most violent city in America, possibly reaching most dangerous this year."

"Fuck Baltimore, it's a slum and will never be a nice city"

I went to Baltimore and my car got stolen.
by A Fellow Baltimorean August 03, 2006
Maryland's largest city. It's more of a piece of shit than Annapolis. Has the highest crime rate, and HIV infection rate in the United States. It's filthy, and you cant buy anything without it being stolen.
Basically, if you live in Baltimore, you suck because Baltimore sucks.
by FUCK BALTIMORE October 09, 2006
Baltimore has their own music, style, and dialect. Baltimore is a totally separate place from the rest of Maryland.

Baltimore is where bamma's live.

Only in Baltimore will you see someone where nike boots with shorts. Only in Baltimore will you see someone where a full red sweatsuit with matching red Tim's (Timberland boots), only in Baltimore do people act "extra" (too much).

Unfortunately, Baltimore is also home to club music ("Peanut Butter Jelly! Peanut Butter Jelly!!" "Ham and cheese!.... Ham and cheese!!") <--- Terrible.

Unfortunately, Baltimore people where closes 3 sizes too big. Why does your white tee look like a skirt, and your shorts (when visible from beneath your skirt) look like pants or too-big capris??

I didn't even mention the murder rate and AIDs rate in the city yet.

Never EVER affiliate Baltimore with the rest of Maryland. Prince George's County is in MD, Montgomery County is in MD, but Baltimore...? That's not a part of these continental United States.
Foreigner: Hey, you here that!? ("If it's your birthday make some noise!! If it's your birthday make some noise!!!")
Foreigner: That's that Maryland music!!
PG Native: Nah, that's that Baltimore music. Get it right!

PG#1: What a bum... Check out the new guy coming this way...
B-More Bamma: Hey son, what's really good?
PG#2: You from Baltimore?
B-More Bamma: Yah son!
Everyone: Ohh........ (All walk away)
by PG County is King January 26, 2007
I have lived in Baltimore all of my life. There is absolutely nothing good about this city. 50% of its residents are below the poverty line. These same people are uneducated to the extreme and proud of it. It is these people who claim to be "da best".

In fact there is no way that this city can compete with other functioning cities. There is no way that this city is going to survive the rise of Europe and the rise of Asia.
This is a dangerous city. If you walk from one end of this city to the other, you are guaranteed to get robbed, beaten, or killed. That is not a joke.
There are about 300 murders a year. The city will not get over its racial divisions. Unemployment is high. Drug addiction is a severe problem. The high African American population and the white response to them, sad to say, is one of the major causes of the city's decline.
Oh you're from Baltimore.
I went there last month and got my wallet stolen.
by TOM February 26, 2005
A place that if you live there sucks ass
Baltimore is like an ipod, it sucks ass
by Demon eyes neo August 17, 2006
shity lil city...left when i was 18. been back three times. he first two, my car was broken into. the last, it was stolen. can't be mad such thing as a job there, unless ur degreed.. can't get a degree cause the public schools suck...can't even get to the schools though. cause u gotta walk past the dealers, step over the fiends and run from the theives to get there. yeah, shitty lil city. if livin and lovin that makes you real, i be the fakest bitch you eva met.
gunshot sticatto has been the number one song there for 30 years
by migration like a muthafuck March 11, 2005

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