By far one of the worse cities to hit America. Baltimore is crawling with crime everywhere, the police force is highly corrupt and will do anything to hide crime that occurs and downgrade the crimes to minor offenses so the Mayor can claim "Crime is down yay!" If that is true then why is there almost 300 homicides every year? Forgot, can't hide homicides or "downgrade" them. Officers have been convicted for raping girls in the stations, robbing drug dealers, selling drugs they confiscate and whatever else they can do. The Mayor claims the city is doing better when in fact, more people are leaving the city rather then coming to it. Work is a word most people from Baltimore have never too seriously. Your lucky if you live to the age of 16 without being shot, stabbed, beaten, robbed, or even killed. The city is extremely dirty and the corrupt police force makes it even worse. I have lived in the city my whole life, (18 years) and now I am leaving it. Don't come to Baltimore, your won't get out alive.
"Baltimore can offord a football sadium, but can't offord to save a young childs life, go Ravens!"

"Second most violent city in America, possibly reaching most dangerous this year."

"Fuck Baltimore, it's a slum and will never be a nice city"
by A Fellow Baltimorean August 03, 2006
where all of the leftovers are. thats right, where your lost socks, missing pens, and general weird or simply random-ass people end up.
You will see and experience the most random shit just walking down the street. 11:00 o'clock @ night? the streets are deserted, except for 1 or 2 sketchy men roaming... most likely coming from north ave or the blocks past eutaw place. At night its your very own 28 days later. roll up your windows, Propecia is hot on the prawl (see youtube in case your not familiar with that-of the propecia). Hawking a ride is the third most frequent mode of transportation next to riding the bus and stealing bikes. if your under 21, your fucked. I'm sorry. Bars and Power Plant Live are the only remenents of nightlife here since hammerjacks closed down. hey, at least there's still bmore club music and the spongebob dance.
Leftovers go to Baltimore. I.E. MICA and Hopkins people. its limbo on the northeast coast.
by tayno October 06, 2006
A city which has the second highest crime rate in America, among the worst public schools in America, and a facinating condition whereas walking for 5 minutes in ANY direction will land you in a crime infested neighborhood.

I lived in Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, Chicago, and Baltimore. Trust me, Baltimore is the worst.

For those who blindly defend Baltimore, you probably don't know what a real city is.
"Baltimore continues to struggle with a high murder rate and one of the highest HIV infection rates anywhere in America"
by Baltimore sucks August 17, 2005
reasons why people love the city...

1. essex
2. dundalk
4. murders
5. o'malley
6. mediocre restaurant scene
7. O's (when was the last time they won)
8. footplayers that commit murders and get away with it...something in common with OJ


i'm from baltimore. i'm so cool. i shop at wet seal.
by j12345678 June 15, 2007
The sorriest dam place in Maryland and the United States.
Baltimore stinks and is decaying
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
A virtual stink hole located in the eastern part of Maryland, Baltimore consists of five principal elements: Ambulances, Drugs, Murder, Black People, and Police.

Going for a stay in Baltimore? Don't leave your hotel room. Need a drink, or a meal? Order Pizza, or go eat/drink in your hotel's bar. The drinks are higher priced because your life isn't on the line. Baltimore's football team is horrible, and home to the NFL's only murderer, Ray Lewis, a person who reflects the city's attitude with great pride: loud, ignorant, abrasive, and dangerous.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor provides a brief bit of relaxation between watching your wallet, running from gangster rappers, and dodging speeding fire trucks. But, sadly, this is pretty much painting a dodge neon the same color as a dodge viper and expecting it to go as fast. The panhandlers, unemployed thugs, and crack dealers will quickly ruin the charm of even something as beautiful as the Inner Harbor very quickly.

For tourists, literally, do not leave your hotel lobby. If you insist, you can probably walk about 1/2 block to 1 block in any direction before you enter a war zone of murder and drugs.
My husband was murdered in Baltimore because he was white last year during our vacation.
by TheLastTrueWord June 06, 2005
A writhing cesspool. Not only is the gene pool shallow, it is stagnant. Yes, everyone looks the same, example: Dundalk. Similar to Calcutta, except that Baltimore has more homeless and more drug users. How do you get there from DC? Take I 95N until you get to the big green sign that says "Ghetto" - if the sign and/or the light pole next to it hasn't been stolen and sold for drug money. Worst city ever. period. Nasty ass place. The only people that like it are people that were born there and have never been anywhere else, which is 90% of the pathetic population. All streets are lined with chicken shacks and hair weavers, oh, and bums too.
"Hon, git me sum dem cra caks ana beer, hon. Wachout - dem hood boys be shooten up gins." A Baltimore crack head with several STDs.

by everyone who has ever lived there September 25, 2006

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