Baltimore is a crazy place to live. You can't have a car because it'll get stolen the next day probably by your neighbor. The steets are grimy and the crabs are amazing. Nothing is better than Baltimore crabs. It's got one nice lookn street and the rest is unbearable, but i still love it. Most people depend on football to get them into college and the football stadium towers over the brownstones and townhouses that create the bad ass city. The only goal we can say we accomplsihed is our 2001 super bowl title and the highest crime rate in America. No place more original. Oh and don't where a yankee's/Giants shirt or you wont get out alive.
if you don't like Baltimore you can suck my dick.
by Antler September 18, 2006
As long as you stay north of North Avenue, you will be fine. There, private schools, Universities and well off people abound. Just stay in the southern part of Baltimore County, or the Northern part of Baltimore city.
Oh yeah, the home of lacrosse too.
All the rich people live in north Baltimore.
by Trip February 14, 2005
An alternative way of sharing a lit entity such as cigarette, cigar, or joint; Baltimore refers to being able to take as many ‘puffs’ as you want on your turn, and passing whenever you feel necessary.

Note: The most popular way of sharing lit items seems to be “puff-puff pass.”
Man 1- So how would you like to share this cig?
Man 2- I believe we should 'baltimore' rather than puff-puff pass
by Raggity Al August 29, 2006
Baltimore....the greatest city in america...well thats what the benches tell me but you should see the people who sit on them. I BELIEVE this is the city that does'nt know how to read.
Baltimore is more fun than Havre de Grace.
by Ambyr March 31, 2005
code word for i am sketching out with a drag off, do not text me
text - baltimore

carly - not f'betch always ditches me at the club
by jody martin January 27, 2008
code word used to warn of big, ugly girls that have fondled you and another previously at the same time.
Hey, dew there are those Baltimores that got us.
by SOAF73chunk January 21, 2009
By far one of the worse cities to hit America. Baltimore is crawling with crime everywhere, the police force is highly corrupt and will do anything to hide crime that occurs and downgrade the crimes to minor offenses so the Mayor can claim "Crime is down yay!" If that is true then why is there almost 300 homicides every year? Forgot, can't hide homicides or "downgrade" them. Officers have been convicted for raping girls in the stations, robbing drug dealers, selling drugs they confiscate and whatever else they can do. The Mayor claims the city is doing better when in fact, more people are leaving the city rather then coming to it. Work is a word most people from Baltimore have never too seriously. Your lucky if you live to the age of 16 without being shot, stabbed, beaten, robbed, or even killed. The city is extremely dirty and the corrupt police force makes it even worse. I have lived in the city my whole life, (18 years) and now I am leaving it. Don't come to Baltimore, your won't get out alive.
"Baltimore can offord a football sadium, but can't offord to save a young childs life, go Ravens!"

"Second most violent city in America, possibly reaching most dangerous this year."

"Fuck Baltimore, it's a slum and will never be a nice city"
by A Fellow Baltimorean August 03, 2006
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