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As we have all learned from the wire it is a fucked up city with lots of poor people. Baltimore or Charm City as it is called is not very charming, seeing as how much crime there is. Yes there are the good parts but everyone seems to want to hide the bad parts from the rest of the world. So I'm just gonna say that yes Baltimore has lots of good parts but the few bad parts are really bad.
At School in Baltimore:
Bill: Hey Tom where's where's Jimmy today
Tom: Oh you didn't hear he got shot yesterday
Bob: That gives him five, he should get a purple heart
by b-more person March 07, 2011
As long as you stay north of North Avenue, you will be fine. There, private schools, Universities and well off people abound. Just stay in the southern part of Baltimore County, or the Northern part of Baltimore city.
Oh yeah, the home of lacrosse too.
All the rich people live in north Baltimore.
by Trip February 14, 2005
An alternative way of sharing a lit entity such as cigarette, cigar, or joint; Baltimore refers to being able to take as many ‘puffs’ as you want on your turn, and passing whenever you feel necessary.

Note: The most popular way of sharing lit items seems to be “puff-puff pass.”
Man 1- So how would you like to share this cig?
Man 2- I believe we should 'baltimore' rather than puff-puff pass
by Raggity Al August 29, 2006
Baltimore....the greatest city in america...well thats what the benches tell me but you should see the people who sit on them. I BELIEVE this is the city that does'nt know how to read.
Baltimore is more fun than Havre de Grace.
by Ambyr March 31, 2005
code word used to warn of big, ugly girls that have fondled you and another previously at the same time.
Hey, dew there are those Baltimores that got us.
by SOAF73chunk January 21, 2009
code word for i am sketching out with a drag off, do not text me
text - baltimore

carly - not f'betch always ditches me at the club
by jody martin January 27, 2008
City with the highest Murder rate in America.
I watched a show On Baltimore, And it Informed me of the High murder Rates.
by Ac August 17, 2004