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A womans breast
Wow you have got big baloogas
by Bob Monkeyhouse June 24, 2003
Word one uses to curse when around authority.
Alex: Bro watch out cop!
Hahna: Balooga! Where do I hide it?!
by KayTeeKakezKissesKujo April 01, 2011
Something during an awkward silence that is said after a bad joke.
Person 1: your face is ugly
Person 2: What!
Person 1: Balooga
by curliestqs August 26, 2009
1. a way of greeting someone

2. ta-tas or breasts that are exceptionally well formed. this can include, shape, size, texture, ratio and symmetry
1. balooga!

2. i'd love to get my hands on them baloogas!
by philcake March 18, 2009
just kidding
Alex is an idiot. Balooga
by ms. beluga August 26, 2009