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The act of ones balls or testicles forgetting the feel of female contact.
"dude.. did you know mormon missionaries have to stay sober from chicks?!"
" yeah man.. i bet those guys have some gnarly ballzheimers.."
by two ween teen October 18, 2011
3 2
When your lady want's to know something and you don't want to tell her until you get the Pinch and Roll (see definition) you say I am sorry I cannot remember because I have Ballzheimer's.

She will take the cue and you will get Pinch and Roll whilst telling her some made up story that will keep her going for an hour.
Man: Something very interesting happened today, you wouldn't believe it.
Lady: What?
Man: I can't quite remember I seem to be suffering from Ballzheimer's.
Lady: OK unzip your pants and tell me...
by Shaun Taylor! August 20, 2009
2 2