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Bally (n).
(also to bally (verb))

To walk off on the people you're with to god knows where during a night out, without telling them, for no particular reason.
Usually when completely hammered.
"Lad, what happened to you last night!?"
"Mate I have no idea!"
"I do, you ballied us you little sweat!"

"I think I just got bored, thats when I did a bally."
by excess baggage January 04, 2009
Some one brave. As in some one with big balls.
Whao! he's really bally, he gave his teacher the middle finger
by alpha helix August 07, 2005
bally was/still is a very stoned fellow who can often be found in the bars/clubs/streets/houses of south bournemouth. conversation with bally usually includes the phrase 'im fucked mate'. anyone who encounters bally should be friendly, polite and offer him drug based treats.
fuckin hell, bally looks fucked!
by djl October 06, 2004
Bally comes from the Irish word Báile meaning homeplace or town.
There are many towns in Ireland containing the prefix Bally.
Examples are Ballymena (Co.Antrim) An Báile Meánach, The Middle Town; Ballymoney (Co. Antrim) Báile an Mhonaidh, The Town of the Moor; Ballymote (Co. Sligo) Báile an Mhóta, The Town of the Mound; Ballynahinch (Co. Down) Báile na Hínse, The Town of the Holm; Ballymore (Co. Donegal), The Big Town
by Criostoir Hulme October 04, 2005
southern slang for testicles
Them boys cut off that old steer's ballies and ate swingin' beef for a week.
by TheGooze August 04, 2004
That which is the means, mechanisms, and tools of interfacing to a machine system for ideal human and mechanizative use; Typical implementation utilizes a consistant spherical object (aka ballie) to computationally extrapolate 3D ballie position in free space using optical characteristics in imaging, namely circular contiguities within 2D images, be them photographic, digitized, or computationally produced, regardless of origin of such data. Ballies also refers to the abstract awareness of said ballie(s) both by intelligent beings and computational or mechanical machines alike. Multiple individual ballie existances facilitates analytic awareness of the context and qualities of abstract interpretation. Ballies are also standard balls used for such a purpose or existing within a context as defined.
Ballies compose and are the abstract composite of mutual understanding of contexts and qualities amongst diverse modes of understanding, especially between human and modern machine.
by Ballies.Org November 09, 2006