That which is the means, mechanisms, and tools of interfacing to a machine system for ideal human and mechanizative use; Typical implementation utilizes a consistant spherical object (aka ballie) to computationally extrapolate 3D ballie position in free space using optical characteristics in imaging, namely circular contiguities within 2D images, be them photographic, digitized, or computationally produced, regardless of origin of such data. Ballies also refers to the abstract awareness of said ballie(s) both by intelligent beings and computational or mechanical machines alike. Multiple individual ballie existances facilitates analytic awareness of the context and qualities of abstract interpretation. Ballies are also standard balls used for such a purpose or existing within a context as defined.
Ballies compose and are the abstract composite of mutual understanding of contexts and qualities amongst diverse modes of understanding, especially between human and modern machine.
by Ballies.Org November 09, 2006
Top Definition
a rag that covers your face such as a bandanna or balaclava
this guys hot walkin round with a bally on
by Cheza November 09, 2006
synonymous with marijuana. never say weed on the block, its bally now
that bally that medford had last night had me finished.
by Ace89 August 28, 2008
Pronounced BALL-EEZ. In northwest-england, ballies is a slang word for the ball squeezing underpants that are briefs. referred to commonly as "f**cking dead small undies that wrap round your balls." ballies is an abbriviation of the slang phrase ballstranglers. so-called ballstranglers for obvious reasons. wedgies in ballies are twice as painful as wedgies in boxers (boxies) as the balls are already packed closely together. Ballies can be comfortable to wear for support in sports, but its not worth the critisism you will get from the players in the changing room...
eeeeee! you wear ballies, everyone else wears boxies. eeeeeeee!
by I Know My Ballies October 15, 2006
WEED!!! its weed if you are in america.DRO purp FIYAH!!!
buyer:ay bruh u got bally?

me:hell yea, fuck you think im doin out here
by SM0k3d@tf1yAh!!! May 10, 2007
dead tight undies for lads, that squeeze ya balls. there proper name is briefs but there also known as ballstranglers and ballies(short for ballstranglers)in liverpool in England. In liverpool you get given wedgies if ya wear them.
lad 1: Eeee are you wearin ballies lad?! haha you are!
lad 2: Theres nothing wrong with wearin 'em...
lad 1: Yeah there is! they propa strangle ya balls lad!
by scouser0151 December 31, 2006
Popular shoe brand mentioned by rappers Rick Ross and Rocko. Originated in Switzerland. Quite expensive. Great taste in dress and casual style.
"Hoppin' out da Bugatti wit my Bally's on. No underwear nigga. My jeans tight fitted too nigga." Rick Ross - Billionaire

"You wear Reebok, I wear Bally." Rocko - Umma Do Me
by Saty April 03, 2008
ballies are briefs that lads wear.
jonno is a gimp coz he still wears ballies
by djmikey April 20, 2011

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