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Someone who exhibits homosexual tendencies in an aggressive way.
After I nailed the last guy to win our dodgeball game, the whole team gave me high fives, except for Steve, who smacked me in the ass. What a balltickler that guy is.
by Nick D October 25, 2005
a small goat or any facial hair on your chin used to ticle the scrotum of a gay man.
I watched that guy just use the ball tickler technique on that guy to get him off.
by funksterhipsterpunkster November 06, 2003
-a tease
-Maaannn,nikki wants me..but shes got a boyfriend..
- What a balltickler!
by kerestin April 22, 2008
to have facial hair on your chin long enough to tickle a mans balls.
jasons ballticklers tickled billys balls.
by Tommyboy757 September 21, 2010
small moustache typically worn by gay men.
Whoa, did you get a load of the ball tickler on that guy?!
by Mandigo September 06, 2003