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1. A man's testicles, sperm gets made there
2. Courage
3. Something you yell out for no reason

Original meaning that seems to have been erased from existence: A small, spherical object used for sports
1. Jane kicked Jeff in the balls really hard.
2. He didn't have the balls to jump out the helicopter.
3. Random guy 1: "BALLS!"
Random guy 2: "....The hell is wrong with you?"
by A steaming cup of potato semen March 26, 2013
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to the extreme
its cold as balls out here
by nick March 15, 2003
701 352
1. slang for testicles
2. substitute for fuck,shit,gay,forget, almost anything
3.Something to yell in a large crowd than watch ppl look around to see who said it.
4. The new word for guts or bravness/ courage
don't kick me in the balls.

balls on this. this suck balls. holy balls.

balls! *straight laced white middle aged buisnessman* who said that?!
by ranger rimjob March 17, 2005
655 336
play basketball
yo nigga, let's ball !
by Mike June 24, 2003
675 424
To have alot of money and nice things.
Dat nigga ballin' outta control.
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
481 281
verb: to have sex.
Myron was balling Rebecca when her rommate walked in on them.
by not_really_me February 08, 2004
580 414
8th ounce of cocaine (or occasionally another powdered drug), from eight-ball
I can't get you a gram, dude only slangs balls
by T-Science May 10, 2003
465 344
Prominent word in a classic bit of doggerel.
"Balls!" cried the queen. "If I had too (two), I could be king."

The king laughed. Not because he wanted to, but because he had too (two).
by Ratfish February 23, 2008
230 113