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1. A man's testicles, sperm gets made there
2. Courage
3. Something you yell out for no reason

Original meaning that seems to have been erased from existence: A small, spherical object used for sports
1. Jane kicked Jeff in the balls really hard.
2. He didn't have the balls to jump out the helicopter.
3. Random guy 1: "BALLS!"
Random guy 2: "....The hell is wrong with you?"
by A steaming cup of potato semen March 26, 2013
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1) A curse synonmous with any other monosyllabic swear word.

2) When used in conjunction with "...on your...," it becomes an expression synonymous with "Fuck you"; IE "Fuck you" means "Go get yourself raped," thus as the only thing fathomably worse than rape is teabagging, crying "Balls on your day, week, life... etc." is a curse on one's life.

3) Synonmous with "bullshit"; Thus, "Calling balls" is insisting that something is false or counterfeit, ala' calling bullshit or shenanigans.
1) (Upon stubbing one's toe): "Balls, that hurt!

2) That guy just cut me off in traffic! Balls on his day!

3) Wait, she's dating YOU? I call balls.
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
1 4
Plural For BALL

usually bouncy

Teacher: "Will you pass out the basket balls please.

Student: Sure.
by rudypatootie May 04, 2009
2 5
verb- to ball, usually the action of a baller
to be fly
oh shit i ball
by kjh1223 July 24, 2008
41 44
an expression that can be used to describe things such as how hot it is or cold or hungry you are
It's hot as balls out.
by helltotheyeah May 25, 2008
1 4
a.) when you find out some horrible news, realize something bad has happened to you or your friends, or that you are in a bad situation. Started by Hobbs and Ramey in the summer of 2005, around the time that Ramey wrecked his car. Can be said as "balls on your chin" or any other body part for that matter. If the mishap is extreme, could even be "balls all over your face" or "balls on your car", etc. Often replaced with the word, "Whammy."
Ramey: "Dude, I totally wrecked my car tonight."
Hobbs: "Man, that's balls on your chin..."
by Ramey October 11, 2006
3 6
agreeing with someone: in reference to 'yaya' (sounds like yea yea) which means balls in polish.

"its cold outside!", "balls!"
by onus October 08, 2007
4 8
a. an exclaimation
b. replacing "screw that" when used as "Balls on that"
c. use to replace any other profanity (see below)
Balls on that
What the balls!?!
by StefNE2983 May 13, 2003
16 20