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Extreme courage or manliness.
Louie tried to prove that he had balls of steel by entering the boxing ring without wearing a protective cup, but then ended up losing his ability to reproduce when his opponent violated the standard universal boxing rules and uppercut him REALLY hard in the groin. Damn, this guy should be felt sorry for! That shit must've hurt like a living hell!

Mark H. Urban Author since February 2004
by Mark H May 18, 2005
184 46
Courageous, manly.
*reaches down*

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
410 54
Stainless Steel Drink Coolers for Whiskey, which profits go towards men's testicular cancer research., Balls of Steel.
by OriginalBOS November 27, 2012
66 7
Someone's balls that are so hard, that being kicked in the area doesn't affect him and he doesn't even feel it.
Maria: "OMG, I just heard John has some balls of steel"

Ashley: "I know! He let me play tennis on them last night."
by Gobama! December 31, 2008
42 63
Condition in which males are hit in the balls so much that they lose feeling in that area, so they are no effected by being hit there.
Damn! That guy didn't even flinch! He has balls of steel!
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 03, 2006
41 89
Terminology for a man's sense of direction.
Yep, my balls of steel got us trough there!
by Carter SN October 01, 2005
32 95