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It's so hot that you have to hydrate non stop to keep your balls moist.
You wanna go outside?
Fuck that, it's balls hot out there.
by Twigstick September 04, 2007
A act of punching a guy in the nutz to eather be a ass hole or to end a fight.
wow bob droped chuck like a bad habbit after he he ball shoted him.
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
The tradition of women in Massachusetts of shaping their man's ball sack into a small, or large, cup then drinking a shot of taquila out of it. It is enjoyed by Massachusetts women annually on Patriots Day.
Barack Obama and Ben Afflack were witnessed doing multiple ball shots at the bar last night.
by Clam McBagfish May 08, 2009
When it's so hot outside, that any removal of your pants results in releasing the pungent smell of your own balls
Guy 1: "I work in a non-AC shop in south Texas. It's usually 100 degree weather"
Guy 2: "That's Balls Hot, man! How does your girl stand the smell down there after you get home from work?"
by Malicious Mario August 04, 2015
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