Tiny ponytail frequently seen on girls with very short hair.
LaWieasha was hating on Mercedes because
she wishes she had long pretty hair instead of a nappy balloon knot.
by Shawn B. April 14, 2003
Also see "Brown Eye", "Leather Donut", "Fish eye", "Oh-Ring", "Dark Star"......
Look at the size of her Ballon Knot! Ewwwwww!
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
Another name for the Anus. Also reffered to as the Angry Spider in the unfortunate case that the balloon knot is surrounded by hair resembling a spiders legs.
Ho needed to clean it up in the nether region. I swear I could see the angry spider trembling...
by RAK July 01, 2005
an asshole. looks like a ballon knot
I just took a crap and my balloon knot is on fire.
by gumz October 21, 2005
Butthole. My butthole actually.
Get your finger out of my balloon knot.
by omegaman December 06, 2006
Phrase used on the Opie and Anthony show of XM Satillite Radio that refers to the anus
Well, let's stick it in the ballon knot
by Bens Hog June 24, 2005

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